Product Description

When artificial intelligence, advanced sensors, embedded circuit, speech engines, and the ability to detect human emotions are assembled on mobile base to appear in the form of a human-robot, we called it WIZO

WIZO is the first Humanoid Robot in the region that can speak, understand and interact in both Arabic and English, delivering a personalised user experience.

It is designed and manufactured to serve a multi-functional purpose in pushing beyond the boundaries and limitation of service robotics. The embedded visual engine allows for real-time object and facial recognition with video content analysis and summarisation.

WIZO is 3D printed and modular. It can be customized for each client, upon the market needs, service area, and working environment. Each client can have their own WIZO with specific features, look and size.


  • With 360 degrees laser radar, WIZO has the ability to move autonomously and can detect and avoid collisions
  • Vision:

  • Human detection: is based on a new algorithm combined with a camera system to detect different human body shapes.
  • Facial recognition: with this technology WIZO is capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source
  • Video summarization: is a process of creating & presenting a meaningful abstract view of entire video of a day, within a short period of time.
  • Video live streaming: broadcasting real-time, live video footage or video feed to an operator or an audience over the internet.
  • Robot expression:

  • Face expression: attached screen to act and deliver different facial expressions; happy, sad, excited
  • Body Lighting: reflecting different light showing WIZO’S status (ready, busy, processing)

  • 10” UI screen – Chest

  • Suggestions / feedback record
  • FAQ
  • Intercom
  • Client App integration

  • Arm motion

  • Wave
  • Hand shake
  • Handling

  • Languages

  • WIZO interacts in both Arabic and English languages, for speech-to-text and text-to-speech, and has the ability to add more languages (French, Urdu, Hindi)

  • Safety system

  • As per the Robotics Safety standard, WIZO has a special button for emergency stop

    We have the flexibility to add more features, as per clients’ requirements:

  • Emirates ID reader for customer service purpose
  • Payment machine: for some paid services
  • Projector: for education and awareness services
  • Printer: for issuing tokens or information

    The WIZO family works in both indoor and outdoor environment and is created to completely adapt itself in providing services in the following sectors:

  • Industrial
  • Public – e.g. WIZO Firefighters
  • Health – e.g. WIZO Nurse
  • Education – e.g. WIZO Teacher Assistant
  • Surveillance – e.g. WIZO Security Cop
  • Hospitality – e.g. WIZO Receptionist, WIZO Personal Trainer, WIZO Shop Assistants, WIZO Waitress
  • Entertainment – i.e. Trade Events and Exhibitions
  • innovations, Creations & Customizations

Technical Overview

Controller DGWorld Navigation System
System DGWorld operating system
Dimension 1824 * 715 * 750 (mm)
Working Speed 1.5 M/S
Weight Max. Depends on the features Approx. 110Kg
Max. Charging Time Approx. 2h
Continuous Running Time Approx. 5h
Power Source 220 V Battery
Frame 3D printed

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