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Humanoid AI Robots

DGWorld has developed Humanoids robots to mimic human behavior and can be used to perform human tasks such as reception desk job, customer care, security… which are based on a procedure. They can also serve very well as personal assistants where they can be used to help the aged and the sick.


Advancement in artificial intelligence is of utmost need to enable humanoid robots to move past following simple orders. It should be developed in a way that allows the humanoids to choose the most relevant information from a huge pool of information, that they gather from the surrounding environment.



DGWorld’s artificial intelligent robot equipped with advanced sensors, embedded circuit, speech engines, and the ability to detect human emotions are assembled on mobile base to appear in the form of a human-robot.


It is been designed and manufactured to serve a multi-functional purpose in pushing beyond the boundaries and limitation of service robotics. The embedded visual engine allows for real-time object and facial recognition with video content analysis and summarization.


WIZO is 3D printed and modular. It can be customized for each client, upon the market needs, service area, and working environment. Each client can have their own WIZO with specific features, look and size. 

  • AI-based interaction
  • Navigation
Remote Control and Autonomy
  • Vision
Human detection, Facial recognition, and Video summarization
  • Robot expression
  • 10” UI screen 
Chest Suggestions/feedback record, FAQ, Intercom, and Client App integration
  • Arm motion
  • Languages
WIZO interacts in both Arabic and English languages, for speech-to-text and text-to-speech
  • Safety system
As per the Robotics Safety standard, WIZO has a special button for emergency stop
  • Flexibility
to add more features, as per client’s requirements like, Emirates ID reader, Payment machine, Projector, and Printer
  • Controller: DGWorld Navigation System
  • Dimensions:  1824 * 715 * 750 mm
  • Working speed: 1.5 m/s
  • Weight: 110Kg
  • Charging time :2h
  • Running time: 5h
  • Power source 220 V battery
  • Body: customized as per operation 
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